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wishon fairway woods    FAIRWAY WOODS     
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Wishon 950HC Fairway woodWISHON 950MC FAIRWAY WOODS   NEW FOR 2015  Available late March 

High COR Design, Traditional Shape and Face Height for Distance with penetrating Shot Trajectory.  The new 950HC is the second generation version of the 949MC with a new semi-cup face construction to ensure maximum COR and offer a better level of off-center shot forgiveness for a fairway wood design.  A bendable hosel offers custom lie and face angle fitting options for all golfers. Two weight ports allow a wide range in fitting club length, shaft weight and swingweight/MOI.  Gloss metallic black crown with satin chrome face, sole and hosel.  Body material is 17-4 Stainless Steel and face material is Forged HS300 High Strength Steel (NiCr Plated).  Email me for quote.

Club Hand Loft Face Angle Face Height Face Width
3 RH 14.5° Square 34mm 88mm
4 RH 16.5° Square 34mm 88mm
5 RH 18° Square 34mm 88mm
7 RH 21° Square 34mm 88mm
9 RH 24.5° Square 34mm 88mm
Wishon 929HS Fairway WoodWISHON 929HS FAIRWAY WOODS   Golf Digest 2013 Hot List Winner 

Shallow Face, High COR Design for Distance with Ease of PlayabilityNew Soft Stainless Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Fitting.  304 stainless steel hosel is separately welded to the body to enable ease of bending custom lie and face angles up to 4°.  31mm shallow face height is ideal for golfers who play off tight, close mown fairways and for players who need more confidence getting the ball well up to fly.  HS 350 high strength steel thin face allows for a high COR for increased ball speed and superb off-center hit performance.  Body material is 17-4 Stainless Steel, hosel material is 304 Stainless Steel and face material is NiCr Plated HS300 High Strength Steel.  Black crown. 3, 4, 5 and 7 also available in white crown.  Email me for quote. 

Wishon 929HS Fairway Wood Face
Club Hand Loft Face Angle Face Height Face Width
2 RH 12° Square 31mm 84mm
3 RH/LH 14°/15° Square 31mm 84mm
4 RH 16.5° Square 31mm 84mm
5 RH/LH 18°/18.5° Square 31mm 84mm
7 RH/LH 21° Square 31mm 84mm
9 RH 24.5° Square 32mm 84mm
Full game improvement for slice reduction offered in a 3-wood through 9-wood.  The 925HL is designed to reduce a slice or fade through its semi-offset hosel and closed face angle.  The semi-offset is slight and is pleasing to look at in the playing position. Variable thickness face design offers an increase in off-center distance and impact feel.  Some golfers have more confidence in a fairway wood than a hybrid and the 925HL offerings of a 7-wood and 9-wood made them great candidates for replacing long irons.  Body material is 431 Stainless Steel.  Email me for quote.

Wishon 925HL Face

Club Hand Loft Face Angle Face Height Face Width
3 RH/LH 15° 1° Closed 34mm 90mm
4 RH 16.5° 1° Closed 34mm 90mm
5 RH/LH 18° 1° Closed 34mm 89mm
7 RH/LH 21° 1° Closed 34mm 89mm
9 RH 24° 1° Closed 34mm 88mm
Wishon 730CL Fairway


An Incredibly Popular Fairway Wood Design Expressly for Players with a Driver Swing Speed of 80 MPH or Less
While intended to match the 730CL driver, the 730CL fairway woods are also designed for golfers who prefers a slight pear-shape and needs high launch capability.  Ideal for players who struggle to get fairway woods well up in the air to fly from typical fairway lies.  Finished in a brilliant deep red claret with bright satin polish and glass bead blast highlights.  Email me for quote.  

Club Hand Loft Face Angle Face Height Face Width
Long Fairway RH  20° 0.5° Closed 32.5mm 84mm
High Fairway RH  26° 0.5° Closed 32.5mm 84mm


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